Things You Might Not Have Read Yet, but Probably Should…

One of my goals on this blog is to help direct you to helpful content that I find on other’s people’s blog or scrolling through Twitter feeds.  There is so much content available on the web today, especially in the “Pseudo-Christian/Church Market”.  Quite honestly, much of what I see people sharing on their Facebook or Twitter feeds concerns me. When I see pastors and Christians sharing mostly content about supporting their particular presidential candidate or tabloid fake news stories, while sharing very little about walking in Christ, sound theology, or advancing the gospel, it saddens me.  So, here are some articles I have read this week that might be of interest or help to you:

  1. Evangelicals should be deeply troubled by Donald Trump’s attempt to mainstream heresy by Michael Horton – 2016 saw the most contentious election in my lifetime.  It also exposed that there are some very troubling and deep-seeded currents running through contemporary evangelicalism.  For a long time, I have heard some who have warned that one of the most troubling traits lacking among contemporary evangelical believers is a spirit of biblical discernment.  In no place is this more evident than by the proliferation of prosperity gospel peddlers.  Horton does a great job of exposing the history and the danger of some of President-elect Trump’s “evangelical” inner circle.
  2. Don’t Make Resolutions, Make Commitments by Paul Tripp – The new year always brings about a slew of “resolutions” to lose weight, eat better, read the Bible more, etc.  Many of these are good things.  In this article, Paul Tripp gives seven very practical and gospel-centric commitments that all believers in Christ need to incorporate into their daily spiritual lives.
  3. One Sentence that Pastors and Church Staff Hate to Hear by Thom Rainer – The world of church leadership and ministry is a world where nobody really has any idea of the stresses and challenges until you work in it.  Thom Rainer has done so for many years and does a great job speaking about issues that most pastors and church staff members want to say but often cannot.
  4. 5 Reasons You Should (Probably) Leave Your Attractional Church by Jared Wilson – Wilson has quickly become one of my favorite writers and bloggers.  He not only understands the gospel clearly.  He also understands the dangerous trends in the church to forsake the gospel for trends and methods that play well to draw a crowd, but really don’t develop biblical disciples.  “Atractional” churches have been “growing” for some time and get a lot of publicity.  But, in some cases (not all), the foundations they are built upon really don’t produce long-term gospel fruit.  Wilson’s article should give anyone attending an attractional church something to think about and evaluate.

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