1-1.jpgI’ve finally decided to restart my blog after an almost two-year hiatus.  I launched this blog a couple of years ago with the intention of deepening the habit of writing and putting my thoughts into tangible words.   At one time, I held the vain belief that I might be a repository of spiritual wisdom that the masses were clamoring for.  And, I mistakenly thought that once I opened the computer to start typing these thoughts, not only would the words flow fast and furious from my fingers, but the masses would clamor for more.  I envisioned a post going up and within hours reaching thousands of views.  I dreamt of starting a platform for myself and several ministry friends where the conversations we were having around coffee at the conferences would launch into the greater evangelical world.

Then I discovered something – writing is hard.  Whether typing into a blog or simply writing into my journal, writing is hard.  To write, I have to slow down, and I don’t often have time to slow down.  To write well and consistently, I have to unplug from social media and turn off the extraneous electronic devices.  I have to concentrate more on thinking.  And it’s hard to do that when my mind is preoccupied with listening to the latest sports podcast or binging the newest Netflix offering.

I am painfully discovering the truth that if I don’t make certain practices in my life an intentional discipline, the will suffer from unintentional neglect.  Whether that’s wrestling through God’s word, personally discipling a few other men, or creating meaningful experiences and conversations with my family.  For my personal and spiritual health, I need to let go of some of the things that don’t matter to focus more on some of the things that should.

So, I will try in this space to wrestle through the discipline of writing and, hopefully, have something worthwhile for you to read from time to time.  Thanks for stopping by.  Hope to see you again soon.

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